Vitality Elixir — Prickly Pear Oil + Argan

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A luminous and fragrant blend of organic prickly pear, argan and rose oils.

This rich and luxurious formula nourishes and smooths your skin and promotes radiance and vitality by reducing the appearance of fine lines, and brightening dark circles.

Lightweight formula

Nourishes, smooths and repairs skin for total radiance

Brightens dark circles under eyes

Promotes cell turnover and reduces the appearance of fine lines

Rich formula for day and night. Suitable for all skin types. On clean, damp skin, gently massage a dab of serum over the entire face and neck. Use it as the last step in your skincare routine morning and/or night, or as a primer before applying makeup.

Measurements: of 30mL (1.0 FL.OZ)

Colour: Nude

Origin: Handmade in Canada with organic ingredients sourced from Morocco

Opuntia Ficus-Indica Seed Oil*

*Organic certified

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil*†

*Organic certified, †Fair trade certified

Rosa Damascena Flower Oil*

*Organic certified



Derived from the Opuntia, or Prickly Pear Cactus, prickly pear seed oil is a rare, luxurious and transformative skin revitalizer. Known to firm skin, brighten under eyes, calm redness, relieve burns and irritation and bring out a glowing, even complexion, this revolutionary oil is rich with abundance. Saturated with vitamin E, linoleic acid, Vitamin K and zinc, and antioxidants, prickly pear seed oil boosts moisture, corrects blemishes, protects, and encourages new collagen production.

Prickly pear cactuses thrive in the Moroccan desert, and are an important part of Moroccan culture and the Moroccan ecosystem. AZARAN’s premium quality prickly pear seed oil, the star ingredient of our Vitality Elixir, is ethically and sustainably sourced in partnership with Amazigh women’s co-operatives. 


GIE Targanine

GIE Targanine is a Moroccan-Amazigh women's cooperative founded in 1996. The Amazigh people are Indigenous to Morocco and are a vital part of the country's history and culture. 

The women-led Targanine group includes six cooperatives and more than 600 women. They initiated the organization by producing ethical, organic, and fairtrade argan oil. From picking to bottling, the women control all stages of production; these steps require know-how and the highest level of quality control. As global demand for argan oil has led to overharvesting and impure products, the co-op protects the local ecosystem through environmental conservation and the integrity of argan oil for consumers, harvesting and offering the purest and highest grade products.

Extending beyond argan oil, the group is diversifying its range of products and now offers prickly pear-based oils, aromatic and medicinal plants, essential oils, and beyond. Targanine's purpose is to highlight Souss Massa's region while contributing to the social and economic welfare of the community.

Sustainably Bottled

Bottled sustainably in recycled glass made with green energy and eco-friendly lacquers.

Send back two or more bottles when you’re done (free of charge) for 20% off your next order. Upcycling helps us close the supply chain loop. Read more about this initiative, and our commitment to people and planet.

Sustainably Packaged

Our packaging is FSC certified and 100% recyclable, and we ensure earth-friendly packaging by using water-based coating and vegetable ink. We’ll never use unnecessary paper - that’s why all of our communication is digital!

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