Argan Essence — Pure Argan Oil

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Our treasured Argan Essence is 100% pure, organic Argan Oil that repairs and moisturizes. This legendary oil is loaded with vitamin E, essential fatty acids, squalene, and antioxidants. It easily absorbs into skin and hair, giving you a brighter look, dewy glow, and nourished, revitalized skin and hair.

Highly moisturizing and nourishing oil for face and body

Softens dry skin, hair and cuticles

Soothes irritations and sun damage

Calms inflammation and helps reduce fine lines

Suitable for all skin types. Use a few drops as needed to moisturize skin, nails and hair as needed. For face, use morning and night as the last step in your skincare routine.

Measurements: Option of 30mL (1.0 FL.OZ) or 50mL (1.7 FL.OZ.)

Colour: Nude

Origin: Handmade in Canada with organic ingredients sourced from Morocco

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil*†

*Organic certified, †Fair trade certified

The Power of

Pure Argan Oil

There is power in the natural, luxury in the raw. Meet our feature ingredient - 100% pure argan oil, grown without pesticides and certified organic by Ecocert. A renowned, centuries-old Moroccan staple, argan oil is derived from the distinctive argan tree, found only in Morocco. Hand-processed and cold-pressed, argan oil is a nourishing moisturizer that leaves skin glowing and hair shimmering.

While argan oil has become popular, not all argan oil is made equal. As demand increases, our home, our culture and our land are often neglected. By choosing AZARAN’s high-grade argan oil, you support Amazigh women’s co-operatives and contribute to the social and economic welfare of Morocco. Our products are sourced from a UNESCO biosphere reserve, which helps ensure the protection and reforestation of argan trees.



GIE Targanine is a Moroccan-Amazigh women's cooperative founded in 1996. The Amazigh people are Indigenous to Morocco and are a vital part of the country's history and culture. 

The women-led Targanine group includes six cooperatives and more than 600 women. They initiated the organization by producing ethical, organic, and fairtrade argan oil. From picking to bottling, the women control all stages of production; these steps require know-how and the highest level of quality control. As global demand for argan oil has led to overharvesting and impure products, the co-op protects the local ecosystem through environmental conservation and the integrity of argan oil for consumers, harvesting and offering the purest and highest grade products.

Extending beyond argan oil, the group is diversifying its range of products and now offers prickly pear-based oils, aromatic and medicinal plants, essential oils, and beyond. Targanine's purpose is to highlight Souss Massa's region while contributing to the social and economic welfare of the community.

Sustainably Bottled

Bottled sustainably in recycled glass made with green energy and eco-friendly lacquers.


Send back two or more bottles when you’re done (free of charge) for 20% off your next order. Upcycling helps us close the supply chain loop. Read more about this initiative, and our commitment to people and planet.

Sustainably Packaged

Our packaging is FSC certified and 100% recyclable, and we ensure earth-friendly packaging by using water-based coating and vegetable ink. We’ll never use unnecessary paper - that’s why all of our communication is digital!

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