AZARAN, The Raw Moroccan offers top-of-the-line authentically Moroccan skincare, haircare and home products, while leading the way in ethical production. We pursue positive environmental impact through the entire supply chain, and all AZARAN products pay tribute to the artisans who dedicate their lives to craftsmanship. We share the beauty of Morocco with the world.

We hope to be part of the solution and support other businesses with similar values. We also aim to inspire other businesses that being mindful of our impact on the people and the planet is rewarding.

Our Values

Azaran is a value-led lifestyle brand that connects people through modern design. Everything we curate is handcrafted and produced in partnership with our network of world-class artisans—real people making products that bring meaning and connection to your home.

Authentically Moroccan

Our products are handmade by skilled Moroccan artisans, and deeply bound to Moroccan culture.

Fair Partnerships

Our artisan partnerships are rooted in deep respect, fair treatment and long-term relationships.

Environmentally Conscious

We are aware, accountable and intentional around the impact we have on our environment.

Traceability & Transparency

We’re always open and honest. The best interests of people and planet guide every decision.


We believe in sharing Moroccan goods and culture with the world. We believe in slow, conscious and intentional design. We believe in giving back to our partners and our ecosystems. We believe in preserving and honouring traditional Moroccan artistry through original, small-batch goods. We believe in quality products, made from the finest and purest ingredients, that hold meaning to both their creators and their recipients. We believe in transparency and responsible consumption, where you can know and feel good about your impact on the people, communities and land that your products originate from. From our skin and hair products created in partnership with like-minded co-ops to goods sourced from long-term partnerships with Moroccan artisans, every AZARAN product reflects our values. 


Meet the Founder

Neimat's passion for Moroccan culture in all its complexity and diversity and her eye for design, combined with her commitment to challenging the status quo, inspired her to launch Azaran in 2021. 

What better way to experience Morocco's treasures than through the eyes of a Moroccan? Azaran is a tribute to her culture, the artisans creating the products, and you. Morocco's distinct and authentic culture upheld its ancestral traditions and timeless beauty. Neimat hopes to share this beauty with you through the products she curates, which merge traditional craftsmanship with modern luxury. 

Neimat is committed to preserving, progressing, and celebrating diverse crafts and rituals from around the country - while also creating sustainable change. From remote villages to the unique artisans the founder forms lasting relationships with, she curates the finest authentically Moroccan goods while staying true to her values of sustainability and fairtrade.

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