Lavender Scent Bags

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Find escape anywhere with our organic flower bud bags, with handpicked organic Moroccan dried lavender. 

Lavender is abundant with wellness benefits, and its fragrance soothes and calms. Grown organically, sourced ethically from Morocco and packaged sustainably, our floral scent bags bring calm to any space.


Brings a fragrant scent and soothing ambiance to every space

The scent of lavender can enhance relaxation

Lavender is a natural moth repellent

Simply place where desired, such as in your closet, drawers, car, suitcase or under your pillow.

25 g per bag / Sold in quantities of 1, 3, and 6

lavender buds*




Aromatic and floral, a touch of lavender transports you to a breezy summer afternoon. Calming, therapeutic and relaxing, lavender is known to relieve tension, ease anxiety and improve sleep. Leave your worries at the door and enter a fragrant oasis.

Wild lavender grows naturally throughout Morocco, and AZARAN’s lavender buds are hand harvested through fair partnerships with Moroccan women’s co-operatives.

Meet the Artisan

GIE Targanine

GIE Targanine is a Moroccan-Amazigh women's cooperative founded in 1996. The Amazigh people are Indigenous to Morocco and are a vital part of the country's history and culture. 

The women-led Targanine group includes six cooperatives and more than 600 women. They initiated the organization by producing ethical, organic, and fairtrade argan oil. From picking to bottling, the women control all stages of production; these steps require know-how and the highest level of quality control. As global demand for argan oil has led to overharvesting and impure products, the co-op protects the local ecosystem through environmental conservation and the integrity of argan oil for consumers, harvesting and offering the purest and highest grade products.

Extending beyond argan oil, the group is diversifying its range of products and now offers prickly pear-based oils, aromatic and medicinal plants, essential oils, and beyond. Targanine's purpose is to highlight Souss Massa's region while contributing to the social and economic welfare of the community.

Sustainably Packaged

Our bags are made from 100% cotton, with organic cactus leather and a bamboo button. We’ll never use unnecessary paper - that’s why all of our communication is digital! 

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