Roses Don't Tell, They Show

Rose extract is one of the most precious essential oils found in the market today. The Damask rose, originally developed in the Lyzangan Valley in Iran, has symbolized love and beauty for centuries. While it holds many mysteries, its name connotes the capital of Syria, Damascus — from where it was brought to Europe in the 12th century, after the second crusade. We value such histories of exchange that survived time itself, as, despite conflicts and wars, a rose remained intact, celebrated for centuries for its intense perfume.

In Morocco, the M'Goun Valley – or the Valley of Roses, has become famous for its flowers. No one is sure how roses first came to this remote corner of Morocco, high in the Atlas Mountains, six hours' drive southeast of Marrakesh. According to legend, they were carried here centuries ago by a Berber merchant from Damascus.

Each day before dawn, women gather the roses by hand and sell them to cooperatives dotted along the valley. This led to our partnership with the cooperative for the dried rosebuds inside our scent bags.


Our Damask rose extract is from Bulgaria (Stara Zagora Province), commonly known as the "Land of Roses." From its botanical name, the Rosa x Damascena flower oil has been cultivated for centuries in the Bulgarian Rose Valley. It holds its picking tradition and season from May to June, and its renowned quality is due to the region's ideal soil and climate conditions. The versatility and quality of our organically grown rose essential oil led to our partnership with the Bulgarian Rose Valley, south of the Balkan Mountains.


Rose Oil is extracted via steam distillation. First, fresh roses are picked at dawn to preserve their exquisite smell and benefits. This process is one of the most labor-intensive in the rose industry. Indeed, at least 4 tons of roses (1.6 million flowers) are needed to produce one litre of Rose Oil. In addition, the limited annual supply makes it one of the most precious Essential Oils in the world.


Rose Oil is filled with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids, making it an ideal complement to our Prickly Pear oil. Its soothing effects are recommended for all skin types, including sensitive ones. Used in aromatherapy, it is applied on the skin to relieve it from everyday stress and helps refine skin texture.

Incorporating our Prickly Pear mixture into your skin routine alleviates anti-inflammatory or skin redness concerns. For this reason, our Rose Oil provides a perfect therapeutic compound to help control various skin conditions and complement Prickly Pear seed oil's regenerative benefits. The Damask rose essential oil is mixed with our Prickly Pear product to enhance its skin benefits and aroma.


  • Traditional uses of rose essential oil help hydrate and reinforce the skin barrier.
  • Rose Essential oil is a potent antioxidant. It scavenges free radicals that contribute to skin damage.
  • Rose Essential oil helps exfoliate improves skin tone, and brightens the complexion.
  • It is high in Vitamin C, which boosts collagen formation and improves skin blood circulation;
  • Rose essential oil is excellent for soothing skin inflammation.
  • The essential oil distilled from roses has antibacterial benefits, which refines the texture of the skin;
  • It also alleviates sun damage which helps reduce hyperpigmentation.


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